SciencePOD makes it easy to order the quality content you need


SciencePOD facilitates seamless collaboration

The SciencePOD platform takes the editorial workflow of content creation to the cloud.

No more confusing chains of email.

The SciencePOD platform provides a collaborative and seamless editorial experience that allows a content creation team to communicate and work together quickly and efficiently.


The SciencePOD platform delivers quality-controlled content in any format

Each individual piece of content is subjected to a rigorous quality-control process:

· A commissioning editor manages the timely delivery of the content.

· A writer or multimedia expert tells the story in an accessible manner.

· An editor with subject matter expertise ensures accuracy and cohesiveness.

· A proofreader catches any final errors before the content goes out.

We delivery shareable, publishable content in any format, including text (magazine articles, whitepapers, blog posts), images (infographics), audio (podcasts), and video (including scripts).


SciencePOD brings together the best team for the job, at the click of a button

The SciencePOD platform allows you to allocate each job to the right team, selected from our community of pre-vetted science journalists, writers, editors and multimedia producers.

What makes our community of content creators unique?

Their dual expertise.

- SciencePOD content creators typically hold a degree in a scientific, medical or technical discipline — often at PhD level.

- They also have experience working for the science publishing industry or for the media.


SciencePOD gives you access to the right editorial talent in the right location

We’re multidisciplinary, multilingual and multimedia savvy.

Our international talent pool of professional writers and editors have expertise across scientific, technological and medical disciplines.

Our community of content creators is geographically diverse, giving you access to the right editorial talent in the right location with the right language skills.

In addition to English, SciencePOD can provide content in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin and other languages.


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Our ecosystem

Our clients range from science publishers to media organisations and R&D intensive industries, like Pharma and ICT.

They value our solutions because of the quality and variety of content they can create via the SciencePOD Platform. 

We help them tell their stories in a way that is clear, concise and compelling
we help them build trust with their audiences.

SciencePOD also partners with organisations who offer complementary solutions to what we do.

This means that our clients can access a vast range of solutions to communicate complex science and technological innovations.