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  • Get 4 Highlights, 4 short articles (300 words) covering 4 scientific paper


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  • Get 2 Q&A Interview, 2 articles (600 words) focusing on specific research findings or trends


  • Get 1 Feature, 1 article (1000 words) providing an overview of trends in a field


  • Get 2 simple Infographics, composite illustration covering specific findings or recent trends in a research field

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Your preferred number of

Highlights, short articles (300 words) covering a scientific paper

Highlight PLUS, article (500 words) covering an announcement and is typically used as a news story or a blog post.

Focus pieces, article(600 words) covering specific findings or recent trends in a research or innovative field

Features, article (1000 words) provides an overview of trends in a field

Q&A Interviews : focus on a specific research finding or trend

Profiles, articles portraying scientists in a way that highlights their personal experience

Podcasts includes an audio interview (3 min)

Videos or animations, video interview centred on a research topic, placing progress in a wider context

Infographics, illustration outlining key research findings or innovation

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  • Editorial consultancy

  • Curation

  • Image selection

  • SEO

  • Creation of bespoke style guide

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