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Understanding the original documents outlining the findings of research and the latest technological progress can be a challenge. SciencePOD raises awareness of the latest research and innovative work by making this knowledge accessible to new audiences.

How do we do it?

We transform complex science into concise digital stories that are easy to understand and share. Our clients include leading scientific publishers, international academic and research organisations, funding agencies, non-governmental organisations, marketing agencies, R&D industry and government agencies .

In essence, SciencePOD’s content helps to increase transparency and accountability in research development and technological innovation.


Create SciencePOD custom content, one of two ways

Managed solutions - Just Press Play

Save time, stress and resources – let SciencePOD’s experts manage your content creation for you.


Self-managed content – On-Brand, On-Topic, On Time

Customise your own content, ordering work only when you need it, using our self-managed platform with built-in quality control (enquire about becoming a beta tester).



A plain language summary of a scientific study for a science publisher and its uptake in the mainstream media.

An infographic explaining the key findings of a scientific study provided by science publishers as authors’ services.

A book review for a blog used as content marketing for a science publisher.

A news story based on the findings of a research paper provided by science publishers as authors’ services.

A video interview of a scientist on their field of work.