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Key benefits:

Jargon begone – the SciencePOD newswire provides clear, non-technical summaries of research discoveries from primary sources (research papers). These are generated by AI algorithms and designed for a general audience.

Scanning the horizon – the newswire is also a productivity tool that improves research monitoring, subject intelligence and news curation.

Getting it right – our newswire makes research discoveries more broadly accessible, putting technical terms into context, and using lay terms where possible. It also helps non-R&D professionals get the right information, every time.

Facts against fake stories – the SciencePOD newswire fights misinformation, sourcing accurate information about the R&D output of science, technology and health, and their industrial applications.


Custom Coverage


With our satellite science newsroom, your news team can brief and manage their remote expert team

The result? Clear, high-quality custom content from experienced science, medicine and technology creators.



You brief a SciencePOD commissioning editor about your specific needs for the story

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SciencePOD assigns the commission to the most qualified journalists or multimedia content producers*

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Quality Control

SciencePOD’s dedicated editors and proofreaders perform quality control checks on your content

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You review proofs of the content in an onscreen editing interface. Once the story is finalised, we deliver it in your chosen format (HTML, PDF, text, Word etc.)

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The SciencePOD Newswire



Keep a finger on the pulse of research

Catching and covering the latest science demands time, resources and in-house expertise. It’s hard for companies to catch every story that matters, and that’s where SciencePOD can help. We’re developing a science, medicine, technology and innovation newswire, bringing specialist research findings straight to you in real time.

Contact us (Mail to to request a sample of our first-generation automated research paper summaries. SciencePOD is already working on second-generation summaries for science publishers. Search-engine friendly, fast and accurate – this is just the start.