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Who you are

  • You dedicate your time and expertise to advancing academic or industrial achievements.

  • You do not have the time or editorial experience to communicate your work in lay terms.

  • You understand the importance of communicating your research effectively and could use a sharp editorial team to convey complex scientific information in a clear, accurate and engaging voice.

  • Your time is valuable. You are looking for a service that can accurately represent your work. SciencePOD can help you explain the value of your work to those that matter most.

Who we are

  • We are professional writers, editors, proofreaders and multimedia produces with expertise across scientific disciplines, policy and communication.

  • We transform scientific jargon into clear, engaging copy.

  • We have worked with international scholarly publishers, such as Spring Nature, Wiley and Elsevier.

    SciencePOD is a team of creative content developers and thinkers, offering our combined expertise to deliver great results. We have a one-stop solution for your science, research & development and innovation communication needs.

How SciencePOD’s managed content creation service works



Submit your ideas to our editorial staff and they will create, edit and proofread your commissioned content. Alternatively, submit your written work to our talented editors for in-depth stylistic and grammatical editing, to international publishing standards in English.



Request science writing on any subject and we will assign your order to a tailored team of SciencePOD writers, editors and proofreaders. Each team is selected according to their subject matter expertise and professional publishing experience.


Quality Control

Our eagle-eyed editors and proofreaders will make sure your content looks great. We use only native English speakers at the final ‘quality check’ stage, for accuracy and flow. Whatever your house style, whatever your brand voice, we’ll help you get it right.



At the review stage, you receive proofs to review to ensure the content works for you. Once you sign off, we finalise the work and deliver it in your chosen format (HTML, PDF, Word, etc).

Who benefits from our editorial services?

  • Individual researchers wishing to communicate their work.

  • Professionals working in science and technology fields whose work requires editing and proofreading.

  • Research project coordinators looking to build a strong relationship with a committed team of writers and editors.

Marketing executives requiring writing, editing and proofreading services for corporate communications.

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See some samples

A plain language summary of a scientific study for a science publisher and its uptake in the mainstream media.

An infographic explaining the key findings of a scientific study provided by science publishers as authors’ services.

A book review for a blog used as content marketing for a science publisher.

A news story based on the findings of a research paper provided by science publishers as authors’ services.

A video interview of a scientist on their field of work.