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Who you are

  • You need quality science content. You may have the ideas and the resources to commission and even create content, but you need knowledgeable, reliable professionals to write, edit and produce specialised content.

  • Your have or are developing a well-thought out content marketing strategy, but you need the right content for it at the right time.

  • You understand the importance of engaging authentically and providing value; you want content that inspires and builds trust with you clients and audiences.

SciencePOD lets you put together your dream team of talented writers, editors, proofreaders, infographic designers and multimedia producers with the discipline-specific knowledge you require. SciencePOD delivers the right content, right when you need it.

Submit commissions using SciencePOD’s cloud-based platform, tailor-made for speed, transparency and efficiency. Subscribe to commission your own work and pay only a fee per transaction.

Subscribers get unlimited access to manage their work on the SciencePOD platform and can access an international network of talented content creators with the subject matter expertise you need.

Who we are

  • We create content for the world’s top science publishers, including Elsevier, Wiley and Springer Nature and work with popular science magazines such as Wired and New Scientist. We work with publishers, industry, funding agencies, PR and marketing agencies, NGOs, research institutes and individuals.

  • We offer access to state-of-the-art cloud-based technology designed to help you streamline your own content creation and deliver quality content..

The SciencePOD platform lets you order and oversee the creation of content produced by our pre-vetted experts. We offer a one-stop solution for your content needs to bring you quality, convenience and confidence.

How SciencePOD’s content commissioning platform works

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Feature article, report, web page, audio interview? We’ll help you choose your format.



Your ideas form the brief for our content experts.


Quality Control

Our experienced editors edit and proofread your content thoroughly.

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Your feedback shapes the final content. When you’re happy, we’re happy.

Who benefits from our commissioning platform?

  • Content marketing managers working for science publishers, PR and marketing agencies, STEM industries and NGOs

  • Commissioning editors in media newsrooms

  • Heads of marketing in the pharmaceutical, ICT, chemical, energy or environmental industries

  • Executives in PR or content marketing agencies

  • Product managers interested in raising the profile of their latest offering

  • Heads of marketing in emerging science, engineering, technology and biomedical companies

  • Communications managers in international organisations and funding agencies